Marketplace Open Enrollment for 2023 extended until January 15th!

If you missed the deadline for enrolling in health insurance and thought you had to wait, worry no more! The marketplace open enrollment has been extended until January 15th. For anyone who enrolls now through that date, you will be effective with health insurance as of February 1st. If you are interested in obtaining a quote for you and/or your family, contact us today via email, phone, or use this LINK to take a look!        

Vision Boards for the New Year!

The new year is fast approaching and vision boards are still a hot topic each year. My family and I will be spending time together next Sunday putting together our vision boards for 2023 and the next 5 years. It’s a very fun and thoughtful time with each other and I would definitely recommend it! The last vision board I did (5 years ago), every dream has come to life, including a new baby boy this year. 🙂 Here’s a great article that tells more about the vision board and gives some great photos of what that looks like. Happy planning! 

Administration Services

Our waiting list is open for 2023 and is perfect for an entrepreneur or small business owner who could use an extra 5 hours (or more!) to work on the things they enjoy in their business or to be able to step away for a bit. Not sure what to delegate to be effective? 
  1. For a week, write down everything you do in the business.
  2. At the end of the week, take the list and highlight all the things you do not like doing. 
  3. Then use a different highlighter to highlight all the things that you are doing that are not making you any money.
  4. Finally, highlight all the things that are not letting you move forward in your business. 
  5. All the highlighted tasks are tasks that can be delegated to our team!