Virtual Administration Services

The Chhay Group specializes in providing an affordable alternative option to hiring administrative employees to take on the essential, but time-consuming tasks that most small businesses and entrepreneurs face.

We work hard to free up your time, relieve stress, and simplify your life by keeping you organized and helping you solve business problems. Landscape Designers, Insurance Agents/Agencies, Photographers, and Attorneys are just a few of the clients who have benefited from hiring a Virtual Administrator.

Not only do we offer the behind-the-scenes admin support, we also have licensed health insurance agents who can make sure that the business owner is truly covered in the event of a major medical claim that could be the life or death of a business.

Let us be of value as a partner for your business. We look forward to connecting with you.

Business Administration Services

Each service below includes a 30-minute planning session per month.

General Administration

Being able to scale your business can be more than just a dream. Take a look at the tasks at hand that are holding you and your business back from where you want it to be. Just this simple outsourcing can create tons of more time so that you can work on what needs more of your attention vs the daily grind of admin tasks. Starting at $600 per month, you will have full virtual support for up to 10 hours per month. Additional increments can be purchased based on business needs:

  • Data Entry Services
  • Customer Support
  • CRM Setup and Database Management
  • Billing Reconciliation
  • Invoicing

Business Management

Looking for a more robust option? Our Virtual Business Managers are trained in different levels of expertise to take on more of the pain points of a business. Struggling to hire, looking for policy and procedure implementation? We partner with experts to make sure that all the ground is covered and that your business is fully protected. Our prices start at $950 per month and can be flexible to fit your budget and needs:

  • General HR Services
  • Liaison Services
  • Business Decision Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a virtual administrator instead of just hiring a new employee?
When hiring a virtual administrator, you are cutting back on the cost of having to provide extensive training, office space and/or office supplies and you can hire a virtual administrator for one off projects, as needed basis or for a minimum number of hours instead of risking a hire leaving because they aren’t getting full-time.
What can a Virtual Administrator do?
VAs are trained in managing inboxes, data entry, light bookkeeping, proof reading, social media posting, filing & organizing databases, creating efficient systems and more.  You name it, there’s a great chance that we can do it.
What if I need a service done that your team can’t do?
I have an extensive network of other Virtual Administrators that are trained in all different areas such as web design, branding, etc…  If a need arises, I will work on bringing on an experience VA in that area to cover those tasks.
Why does a Virtual Administrator cost more than a regular office assistant?
A Virtual Administrator charges what their time is worth based on their experience and knowledge and also factors in paying their own taxes and providing their own computer software/hardware needs.
If I sign up with your services, am I locked under contract for a year?
My clients sign up with me on a monthly basis and can cancel at any time.  I do require a 30-day notice for terminating a contract so that it allows enough time to tie up any loose ends and get any projects over to you timely.
What happens if I don’t give enough work each month to cover the hours purchased?
The minimum package option is 10 hours per month.  If less than 10 hours are utilized, the remaining time is forfeited and does not rollover or get reimbursed.  The reason behind this strategy is that once we sign on a client for the hours they indicate, we are time blocking specifically to that client.  That means that since our time is dedicated to you for the hours reserved and cannot be taken by another client, if we don’t have work to do, we would not be paid if we refunded your unused hours back.  I always recommend starting with a 10 hour minimum monthly package and adjusting up from there.

Our Customers

“As the owner agent of a small Independent Insurance Agency it’s important for me to manage my expenses. I was looking for a cost-effective solution to help me manage aspects of my day-to-day operation. Tamara’s virtual assist services have exceeded my expectations, and have been absolutely invaluable to me. She has a very diverse skill-set, is extremely intelligent, well-organized, and incredibly resourceful. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and understands the needs of small business owners. She has also provided me with valuable insight in the insurance industry. I would highly recommend using Tamara to support your business.”

David P.
Insurance Agent at Preslar Financial Group


“Working with Tamara Chhay and Clerical Concepts has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my growing business! Tamara is so hard-working and trustworthy, and turning over many of our administrative tasks to her has opened up my time to build other parts of my business. She’s a huge asset to any team and such a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her services.”

Sarah Y.
Principal at Twistleaf LLC

“I recommend Tamara Chhay’s payroll services. She was quick to learn my business system and take over responsibility for ensuring that everything was done correctly. On a personal level, she is prompt, personable and trustworthy. Tamara was willing to make suggestions and implement processes that benefitted my business.”

Jim P.
Owner of Austin Troubleshooter

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